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E N E R G Y  C L E A N S E



There can be times when we feel energetically heavy, like we are carrying too much or as if we need to lift our spirits. 

Our 'Energy Cleanse' candle has been made with the sole intention of helping you clear unwanted energy from your energetic field and raise your vibration in the process.


This candle has been paired with our 'Clary Sage' oil, a powerful cleansing oil for clearing old or stagnant energy, it can also balance heavy emotions and bring inner peace back into your life. 

The oil can be massaged into the wrists, chest, or temples or added to the candle to further enhance your energy cleanse.


[ *** Allow the top layer of wax to melt at least 2/3 cms in depth before adding 1/2 drops of the essential oil. Avoid touching the glass, wick or flame ]


If you are a highly sensitive being you need to cleanse, ground and protect your energetic field whenever you feel to, sometimes daily. This can also be as simple as saying a prayer, keeping a crystal that blocks negative energy with you (tourmaline, black obsidian or shungite are amazing for this) or taking a cleansing shower when you feel the need.


Personally, I do all of the above but I also like to light a candle and centre myself while I let my creator handle the rest. Every time, I trust that everything will be and is alright.

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