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The Alchemists House was born out of a love for the art of creation, beauty, healthy living, and a desire to share those three things with our fellow alchemists. Psst, little hint. . . we mean you!

Believe it or not, we all have a little of the magic of alchemy within us. One and a half sugars with a pea sized drop of milk in your coffee? Alchemy. Mixing paints to create a shade you've never seen before? Alchemy. Choosing to stay calm instead of getting involved in road rage? Alchemy (and go you!)

Our aim is to use this space to encourage you to find a little time for alchemy in your own lives, whether that's mindfully making yourself a cup of tea or choosing one of our handmade candles.

You and you alone get to choose the life you lead, but we sincerely hope that you enjoy using our carefully crafted creations to help add a little of the magic of alchemy whenever you need it.

Love Always,


(The Alchemists House)


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