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F U L L  M O O N



There is something magically ethereal and mystical about the Moon at any stage but Full Moons have always felt beautifully otherworldly. 

While most say it's a time to release and rest, the energy of the Full Moon is also at her most powerful and potent as both the Sun and Moon are in equal alignment, creating the perfect balancing harmony needed to support our manifestations. 


Nobody can tell you how to work with the Moons energy, they can only guide you and we will each feel called to work with her in different ways and at different times because just like the Moon, we each go through our own phases, on our own journeys, with our own energies, in our own timing. . . and that is absolutely okay.

Our Full Moon candle has been created with the intention of amplifying your intentions, and paired with our equally powerful, Frankincense aromatherapy essential oil to help ground those manifestations into your reality whilst protecting yourself and creations with the high vibrational energy that they deserve. 

The oil can be massaged into the wrists, chest, or temples or added to the candle to further enhance your manifestations.


[ *** Allow the top layer of wax to melt at least 2/3 cms in depth before adding 1/2 drops of the essential oil. Avoid touching the glass, wick or flame ]


I hope you sing, dance, laugh, cry, dream, find your joy, write, create, let go of, rest. . . whatever it is that your soul needs. 


Have faith in yourself, have faith in your creator, and trust that this Lunar energy will support you in ushering in this next phase of your life.


No matter what anyone says or even how you feel, always remember that you are loved beyond measure, blessed beyond doubt and highly favoured.

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