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N E W   M O O N



Our New Moon candle is a perfect way to set your intentions and manifest the things you would like to see happen in your life. Light this candle to symbolize the start of a new cycle and use it to express gratitude for the abundance already present and also coming into your life.

Made with the intention of helping you focus on the light within yourself and the universe, allow it's soft glow to remind you to stay in alignment with your highest self and cultivate your inner power.


Paired with the energising scent of our Bergamot aromatherapy essential oil to emphasise your manifestations and give them an extra helpful little boost.


The oil can be massaged into the wrists, chest, or temples or added to the candle to further enhance your energy cleanse.


[ *** Allow the top layer of wax to melt at least 2/3 cms in depth before adding 1/2 drops of the essential oil. Avoid touching the glass, wick or flame ]


Take some time to reflect on what you truly want to create in your life with the energy of the New Moon and set your intentions for the month ahead. Connect with gratitude for everything you already have along with all that is possible and let the soft light of this candle guide your manifestation process.

Happy New Moon!

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